Donate to the author of the 5zig mod!

Do you want to support me and my work?
Then donating is probably the best way to help me! Each day, more and more players are playing Minecraft using with the 5zig mod, which is really awesome! Unfortunately, there are many resources required to keep the mod fully functional. Two backend servers, which actually cost quite a lot of money, are used to handle all website-accesses and downloads and allow players to use the chat of the 5zig mod to communicate with their friends.
By donating, you can help me finance all servers and support me for my work on the mod.

In case you decide that you want to support me, there are of course some rewards you can receive. Donate 2.50€ or more and receive one of four capes that you, and all players who are using the 5zig mod, can see ingame! If you donate more than 5.00€, you receive the ability to upload your own cape.
Alternatively, you can also donate without receiving any reward to simply support me and my work.

Please enter your Minecraft username down below. Afterwards, you can select a reward. After clicking on "More information...", you can enter the amount you want to donate and finish the donation.

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